Health Services for Foreigners in Turkey

Persons living in Turkey; Both citizens of the Republic of Turkey and foreign nationals, can benefit from health services by having general health insurance or private health insurance. The general health insurance that foreigners can benefit within the scope of health services in Turkey is covered by the state, while private health insurance is the use of health services by paying a certain fee to any insurance company. In addition to this, there are also physicians who provide health services in their own clinics in Turkey. The health service in question is not covered by insurance, so the person can benefit from the health service by paying the price determined by the physician.

The people who can benefit from health services within the scope of the general health insurance covered by the state are as follows:

  • Foreigners who have obtained a residence permit in Turkey,
  • Foreigners who do not have insurance in any country other than Turkey,
  • Foreign nationals who have lived in Turkey for more than one year and applied after that period.

Where should foreigners apply to benefit from the General Health Insurance?

For state-supported general health insurance, which allows foreigners to benefit from health services in Turkey, foreign nationals should apply to the nearest social security center. The application must be made by the foreign national himself.

What are the Documents Required to Benefit from the General Health Insurance?

Foreign nationals who want to benefit from the health services offered within the scope of general health insurance must submit the following documents:

  • Residence permit,
  • Commitment form,
  • The original or photocopy of the letter expressing the social security status in terms of the general health insurance application obtained from the social security institution or the labor attaché of the foreign country in question.

Who Can Benefit from General Health Insurance?

If the foreign national is entitled to general health insurance, the foreign national’s;

  • Spouse
  • underage child,
  • Unmarried children who have not completed the age of 20, who are in high school or equivalent education status,
  • Unmarried and higher education children who have not completed the age of 25,
  • Unmarried children whose disability is determined,
  • Mother and father whose livelihood is provided by the foreign national,
  • Can benefit from health services.

Private Health Insurance for Foreign Nationals

Foreign nationals who want to obtain a residence permit in Turkey must first have private insurance. One can benefit from health services free of charge, due to the health insurance obtained by regularly paying premiums every month. Foreign nationals who want to have private health insurance can benefit from private health insurance by applying to insurance companies that provide services through their agencies in many cities of Turkey. Some of the health services covered by private health insurance can be expressed as follows:

  • Transplantation,
  • drug expenses,
  • Inspection fees,
  • Diagnostic methods used in the treatment process,
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation after surgery,
  • Angiography
  • Chemotherapy
  • Dialysis
  • Radiotherapy

It will be in the best interest of the foreigners to receive legal assistance from an experienced lawyer in order for foreigners in Turkey to complete the official procedures required in terms of health services without any errors, and not to be a victim of problems related to health services or insurance.